Taught by Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad
Birbeck College, University of London

 “An eye-opener and thoroughly well-planned engaging course” [Foaad Zaman].

 “What a blessing! I really felt the Qur’an being revealed this Ramadan to me”.

 “This course has made the Qur’an more accessible to me and has given me the confidence to read and attempt to understand the Qur’an further” [Shahena Yasmin].

 “The course has provided a great overview of the Qur’an. It has given me the strength and confidence to now take my path to journey through the Qur’an”.

 “The course has definitely given me a lot more understanding of the Qur’an and my obligations towards it. It has inspired me to continue learning about and understanding the Qur’an” [Shahanaz Begum].

 “Great to finally attend a course which is clear and concise in its content and provides an educational environment which engages both Muslim men and women”.

 “I found this course to be very beneficial and it has increased my understanding of the Qur’an. It has also encouraged me to read the Qur’an more and share it with others” [Intisar Ibrahim].

 “If I was not in this course, I would not have gained the motivation to learn more about the Qur’an. It provides me now with focus and attention when reciting the Qur’an. It has provided a great sense of love for the Qur’an. Thus my Tilawat has increased much more, even with the limited time. Insha’Allah, may this continue” [Abdul Muhit Ali].

 “I think the topics were well presented and I enjoyed the stories. This course really felt as if I was on a journey. Jazakallah” [Majeedha Abdur Rahman].

 “This course has made it easier for me to approach the Qur’an and understand my obligations to it, as well as its relevance” [Monsura].

 “Alhamdulillah, I personally benefited immensely. I think now I feel the Quran is more accessible to me personally and relevant than to be just an Arabic book which is used for Nasihas and talks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, effort and sacrifice to teach this course 'Journey through the Qur’an'. May Allah reward you in abundance in this world and in the Hereafter. I personally have benefited a lot from the course and I do hope others did as well” [Mahbubul Anam].

 “I was impressed by how much the course and Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad’s teaching has enlightened and serve to heighten my love for the beautiful Qur'an. It is hard to explain in words how much the Qur'an now has made a real connection to my heart, and is ever increasing Insha'Allah. I would like to sincerely thank Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad for taking his time out to teach this course in a difficult month such as Ramadan, May Allah reward him in abundance. Thanks goes also to all the guest speakers who have made the time to attend” [Abdul Muhit Ali].

Taught by Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad
Birbeck College, University of London

 Excellent subject matter, good exploration of the topic, very practical and necessary for us.

 Alhamdulillah very beneficial course. I liked the Shaykh's style and the comprehensiveness of the material he covered - course objectives were met, a good reminder and learnt some very beneficial things. Alhamdulillah

 I would be happy to attend courses delivered by this teacher again in the future.

 Good course, Hafiz Abdullah taught well, he was concise and clear, and kept to the time very well.

 Teaching and delivery of course was of a high standard and helped to clarify any misunderstandings previously held. Benefited greatly from Shaykh, Masha'Allah!

 This course tied beautifully with the other Beehive courses, and just before Ramadhan, has equipped me with the knowledge and Dua’s to, Insha'Allah, make this Ramadan more special.

 Alhamdulillah, one of the best and informative courses I have attended.

 Shaykh provided extensive & detailed notes. This manner was very engaging and he held my attention the whole way through. The pace was perfect. In addition the day was broken up into short sessions with frequent breaks, but timing was adhered to so the event ran smoothly. Shame it went so quickly! I could have listened for a lot longer Alhamdulillah.

 Overall a very relevant and helpful course. Much needed course. The teacher was very knowledgeable and inspirational. The breakout sessions were very helpful and I enjoyed the way the Lecture was interactive and we were not passive listeners.

 Excellent course and Lecturer Hafiz Abdullah; he is very passionate Masha'Allah. Would recommend to others.

 Jazak'Allah Khair; the course was tailored to my needs and in good timing for Ramadhan. I found the Hafiz’s delivery of the course excellent; he was very comprehensive and I feel as though I have walked away with some very good knowledge.

 Very well organised and presented!

 The Hafiz's method of teaching - his pitch, level, tone was all appropriate. Very impressed.

 Good and really helpful that notes will be emailed because it was difficult to write everything down.

Taught by Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad
Birbeck College, University of London

"Al-Hamdulillah. Before this course although I had read the Qur'an in arabic and english - I felt
lost. Now I have been given the foundation to appraoch the Qur'an." Jusna Begum

"In my society learning the Qur'an in arabic is very important. However, I never understood what
I was reading. Al-Hamdulillah, Allah [swt] helped me to attend this course which is step one in
understanding His Book!

"A very demanding course but also very enlightening. Illustrating the depth of knowledge that the
Qur'an offers. This coiurse has opened the door fo rme to study further about Islam." Syed

"Truly beneficial course. I wish I had attended this course 20 years ago and made the Qur'an an
important part of my life." Abdullah Talukder

"The course, al-Hamdulillah, has given me more confidence to continue my exploration of the
Qur'an insha'Allah take more conviction in my study and application of the Qur'an." Sadia

"Excellent, particluarly the relevance to how to apply themes in the Qur'an to our every days

"This course has been amazing. It's contents, organisation, resource, presentation is 10/10. The
quality of information detailed has provided more than insights. Superb!!" Robella Hamid

"The intensive, succinct explaination of the Qur'an qas very intriguing and insightful coupled with
the tutors personal expereience…" Sana Akhtar

"It has been an excellent overview of the Qur'an with focus on the main teaching. Inspirational!
Insha'Allah, it will help me to continue my lifelong study of the Qur'an." Asra Siddiqui

"It was an eye-opening course - it revealed the depth of the messages of the Qur'an to me... this
was a very good introduction to make you hungry for more."

"Al-Hamdulillah, the course taught me so much more than I expected about the Qur'am. It has
inspired me to learn more about the Qur'an and change different aspects of my life, insha'allah."
"The course has allowed me to access the Qur'an in a more manageable way. It has familarised
me with the surahs and themes it represents." Aysha Khatum

"For 4 days I truly was taken on a 'Journey through the Qur'an'. A journey that increased my
understanding the Qur'an and bought me closer to the words of Allah." Aminul Islam

"Al-Hamdulillah, this course opned the message and guidance of the Qur'an to me for the first
time in my life. This is an absolute must course for those wishing to understand what the
"The course has brought to life th emiracle of the Qur'an fo rme." Rafatur Rahman

"A real eye-opener, I am glad I came to this. It has changed the way I open the Qur'an now." Sabbir