Visit to Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies and meeting with Dr Farhan Nizami and Shaykh Akram Nadwi (19/10/10)
  Talk on Nikah and Conduct of Nikah Ceremony in South Woodford and assisted by Shaykhul Hadith Mawlana Fidaur Rahman Darkhawasti (25/9/10)
  Eid-ul-Fitr Salah & Khutbah at Chadwell Heath Mosque (10/9/10)
  Jumu’ah Bayan on Eid Day at Eman Foundation (10/9/10)
  Unity with the Criterion’ Freshers Event at Goldsmiths College, University of London (6/10/10)
  Iftar event with Baitul Ummah Foundation at Cardinal Heenan Centre, Ilford (6/9/10)
  Programme on Laylatul Qadr at Eman Foundation (5/9/10)
  Talk on Laylatul Qadr at the ‘Iftar on the Boat’ at River Thames with Wharf Muslim Association and hosted by Kristiane Becker (1/9/10)
  Fundraising for Cambridge Mosque with Dr Abdul Hakim Murad at Channel S Studios (30/8/10)
  Iftar Show at Muslim Community Radio (16/8/10)
  Engaging with the Qur’an’ Talk at Redbridge College (8/8/10
  Khutbah on ‘Obligations Towards the Qur’an’ at Vibast Community Centre in Central London (6/8/10)
  Preparing for Ramadan’ Talk at the Town Hall, Tower Hamlets Council (3/8/10)
  Stall at Community Fair 2010, Mile End Park (31/7/10)
  Stall at Al-Noor Fun Day, Valentine’s Park (18/7/10)
  Stall at the Souk at Regents Park Mosque (26-27 June 2010)
  Trip to Shah Jehan Mosque and Talk on ‘History of Qur’an Translations’ (19/6/10)
  Visit to Old Muslim Cemetery at Woking inc. graves of Pickthall & Yusuf Ali (19/6/10)
  Stall at ‘Friends of Allah’ event organised by Al-Buruj at London Muslim Centre (18/6/10)
  Engaging with the Political Process’ Talk at Al-Azhar School (20/5/10)
  Steps2Allah gathering at Eman (2/5/10)
  Stall at the Souk at Regents Park Mosque (11/4/10)