Additional Quran Resources

Media Type Title Description
Literature Why understand the Quran? An excellent presentation on the need to understand the Quran.
Literature An Introduction to all of the Surahs in the Quran An introduction to all the surahs in the Quran. By Sayyid Maududi.
Literature 13 Questions asked to Rasulullah. A paper detailing 13 questions that were asked of Prophet (SAW) which have been addressed in separate verses of the Quran.
Literature 25 Quran Duas A collection of 25 beautiful duas taken from the Quran.
Literature A Concise Dictionary of the Quran An excellent concise dictionary of the Quran. By M. Mustafa Shareef, Khaqan Khan & Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem.
Literature The Obligations Muslims Owe to the Quran An important reminder covering the obligations muslims have towards the Quran. By Dr. Israr Ahmad.
Literature The Quran and Modern Science A paper reflecting upon modern scientific discoveries in light of verses revealed in the Quran. By Dr. Zakir Naik.
Literature Quran - Arabic Text A copy of the entire Quran in the original Arabic text.
Literature Quran Dictionary A zip file containing an invaluable translation of all the words found in the surahs of the Quran.
Literature Quran Vocabulary - 80% A document detailing a translation of 80% of the unique words used in the Quran.
Literature Quranic Duas An excellent paper detailing the duas revealed in the Quran. By Dr. Riza Mohammed.
Literature Resources on the Quran Some references to useful Quran resources.
Literature Rules of Tajwid A very good introduction to the rules of tajwid.
Literature Asrar Al-Tartib The Asrar Al-Tartib in the Arabic language. By Suyuti.
Literature Virtues of Surahs A paper highlighting some of the excellent virtues of selected surahs from the Quran.